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Freshly Baked Desserts

My Sugar Pine Bakery in South Lake Tahoe, California, bakes different types of brownies and tarts from scratch and we do it every day. From rocky road brownies to fruit tarts, everything is baked and sold the same day to guarantee their freshness. The tarts are all individual-sized and are four inches in diameter. We also offer a nice selection of cookies and pies.


Cheesecake Brownies ($3.15) - Black and White Brownies ($3.15) - Cappuccino Brownies ($3.15) - Rocky Road Brownies ($3.15)


Key Lime Tarts ($4.25) - Seasonal Cheesecake Tarts ($4.00) - Pecan Tarts ($4.50) - Lemon Meringue Tarts ($4.00) - Bread Pudding Tarts ($4.00) - Fruit Tarts ($4.50)

Cookies and Macaroons:

Chocolate Chip ($1) - Peanut Butter ($1) - Trailblazer ($1) - Coconut Macaroon ($.90)


Get your fill of our delectable pies that come in different flavors. We have mini pies that are four inches in diameter and cost $5.15 each. You may also want to try our large pies, which cost $18.95 each and are nine inches in diameter. We offer regular, everyday pies as well as specially made ones. Your options for the everyday pies are the following:

Apple - Cherry - Peach - Mixed Berry

Chocolate Chip Cookies