Two-Tier Cake with Tahoe Design


We offer $30 cake tastings for the bride and groom. An additional $20.00 dollars for any extra guest.

We offer One, Two, Three, and Four Tier Cakes, please email us for pricing.

We also provide square cakes in One, Two, and Three Tiers, please email for pricing.

Delivery Service Areas:

~$35 Delivery within a mile of the bakery.
~$60 Delivery Charge within South Lake Tahoe (From the Y to Al Tahoe)

~$80 Delivery Charge Meyers, Christmas Valley, Emerald Bay, Valhalla, and Camp Richardson.

-$60 Delivery charge to Stateline and Roundhill.?

~$120 Delivery charge to Zephyr Cove and Glenbrook

~$180 Delivery charge to Top of Kingsbury, and Tahoe Ridge Resort.
~$200 Delivery Charge to the Top Heavenly (Top of Tram)

*If the venue requires us to drive a 4WD due to terrain, the price will increase.

*Deliveries are only for Wedding & Corporate Events*

We offer mini desserts from tarts to cookies to cupcakes for dessert bars, please e-mail for more options.

*Prices will be updated for 2024 after the Holidays*

For any additional information rgearding weddings or events, please contact us at or


Delightfully Decorated Cakes

Sugar Pine Bakery in South Lake Tahoe, California, makes different types of decorated cakes that are sure to delight your taste buds. Apart from the classic cakes, we also bake cupcakes of various flavors.

Create Your Own

At Sugar Pine Bakery, we'll let you create your own special cake, however you want it. Just tell us the size that you want and then we'll go over the list of options. We start with the flavor, then the filling, icing, and, lastly, the decorations. There are different types of decorations available. We do all kinds of themes, from sports to flowers to cartoons.

3-4 day notice required for Standard Birthday Cakes.
2-3 weeks notice required for Custom Cakes.

Sizes and Servings Portions:

6”                         6-8                        
8”                         10-12                    
9”                         12-16                   
10”                       16-22                     
12”                       28-35                   
9x13                    20-25                    
Half Sheet          40-50                    
Full Sheet           95-100                 

Popular Cake Choices:
Chocolate - White - Yellow - Red Velvet ($5.00 Additional) - Marble ($5.00 Additional) - Tres Leches (Only Available in 10", Half-Sheet or Full Sheet) - Chocoflan (Only Available in 10", 12", Half-Sheet, or Full-Sheet) -  Monkey Cake - German Chocolate ($5.00 Additional) - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup - Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Sunday Cake ($10 Additional) - Black and White ($10 Additional) - Strawberry Shortcake - Tropical Lemon - Carrot Cake ($5.00 Additional) -Pink Champagne Cake ($15 Additional).

Don't see your favorite cake? Please email us with the cake you would like and we will be in touch regarding availability. 

Vegan Cake Choices: 

Chocolate Vegan Cake - Vanilla Vegan Cake.

Gluten Free Cakes:

Yellow Cake - Chocolate Cake.

Filling Options:
Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Curd, Pastry Cream, Cream Cheese ($5.00 Additional), Chocolate Mousse, German Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Buttercream (available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Mocha).

Icing Options:
Buttercream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry and Mocha) - Chocolate Ganache - Cream Cheese ($5.00 Additional) - Whipped Cream - Vegan Whipped Cream - Fondant (Prices vary with fondant).

We offer standard prices for each sized cake that includes flavor, filling, simple icing, and an inscription but depending on the intricacy of decorations, prices will vary. Please call for pricing for custom designed cakes. 

Available Fillings:
Raspberry Jam - Strawberry Jam- Chocolate Ganache - German Chocolate - Lemon Curd - Pastry Cream - Cream Cheese - Chocolate Mousse - Fresh Fruit - Whipped Cream - Buttercream (Available in many flavors)

Standard Cake Pricing:
6-Inch Round (6 - 8 Servings) Starts at $30.00 - 8-Inch Round (10 - 12 Servings) Starts at $40.00 - 9-Inch Round (12 - 16 Servings) Starts at $50.00 - 
10-Inch Round (16 - 22 Servings) Starts at $60.00 - Quarter Sheet (20 - 25 Servings) Starts at $65.00 -
Half Sheet (40 to 50 Servings) Starts at $100.00- Full Sheet )95-100 Servings) Starts at $200.00